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Establised over 60 years

Superb traditionally aged British meats, personally created sausages and a delicious range of home cooked meats all available for delivery direct to your door.

Welcome to A. L. Martin & Son, purveyors of high quality food and traditional Dartmoor meat. After many years supplying some of the finest establishments in Devon and Cornwall, this family run company has used its knowledge to put forward a selection of some of the best produce the farming community of Dartmoor has to offer. All to be delivered direct and savoured in your home.

With over 60 years of experience as high class butchers, through 4 generations, this family has used its first class knowledge and expertise of the local traditional meats, to bring you an ever expanding selection of quality produce. We have meat for banquets, gourmet dinners and lavish parties. Or, with our extensive range of high quality fair, you can even simply select everything you might desire to stock your fridge.

Quality Counts

All of our high quality food and traditionaly reared Dartmoor meat is locally sourced from farmers we know and have dealt with personally, in some cases for over 30 years. We believe that supporting our local farmers yields a better product whilst maintaining competitive prices.

A. L. Martin & Son are proud to hold the PAI(Product Authentication International) Certificate of Compliance. This certificate is awarded because of our proven track record in only supplying locally sourced produce. We do NOT purchase or sell produce which has been reared outside of the UK and then packaged to look like UK produce.

Our beef is hung for up to 4 weeks, to achieve its wonderful maturity and flavour.

For quality produce or just good advice, call the Okehampton shop on 01837 52114 or the Chagford shop on 01647 432461