Hog Roast

Top Quality, Local Meat

All our meat is top quality locally reared and sourced, often from farmers we have been dealing with for over 30 years. So the highest quality is assured.

At A. L. Martin & Son we offer a high quality professional service to help make your function a special one. The meat is cooked on a spit and the cooking process is visible through glass panels on both sides of our machines. This makes the hog roast a feature of any event, whether it be a wedding evening reception, anniversary party, birthday party or corporate function. The wonderful aroma of the freshly cooked and carved hot meat creates a perfect atmosphere for any gathering.

All of our spit-roasted meats are cooked on-site from fresh. Please do not confuse us with other “Hog roast” caterers who warm pre-cooked joints of meat or cook whole pigs in an oven.

Our state of the art LPG gas and electric rotisserie ovens can cook a whole pig in 6hrs. Compact, tidy and portable the machines can be moved during or after cooking.

From our experience we know that the most difficult part of cooking is not only the spitting and preparation of the pig but also the cooking time and the carving technique. This is why we offer the complete package of delivery, preparation, cooking and serving that then allows you a hassle free evening.